Baltic Woodfired 2011

29. okt. – 19. nov.

Keramik brændt i træfyrede ovne
Baltic Woodfired er en årligt tilbagevendende keramikevent
på Bornholm med bl.a. workshops, foredrag og udstillinger,
og med fokus på fremstilling af keramik i træfyrede ovne.
Baltic Woodfired blev afholdt første gang i 2008 i
Gallery 2´rn i Åkirkeby.
Keramikfællesskabet “Cassius Clay” med keramikerne Anne Mette Hjortshøj og Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson er initiativtagere til Baltic Woodfired, og til udstillingen 2011 er der inviteret otte udenlandske keramikere, der alle arbejder med træfyrede ovne.

10 keramikere udstiller

Elisa Helland-Hansen Norge
John10 keramikere udstiller
Elisa Helland-Hansen Norge
John Skogness Norge
Gregory Hamilton Miller USA/Danmark
Rikard Palmquist Sverige
Fergus Stewart Scotland
Han Muyng Lee Syd Korea
Han Muyng Suk Syd Korea
Eric Knocke USA
Anne Mette Hjortshøj Danmark
Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson Sverige/Dan.




Fergus Stewart, Scotland
Baltic Wood Fired started out as a Master course in experiential leadership. The module was called “Innovation in networking, marketing and branding”. In 2008, Anne Mette took part in a module in that course. Cassius Clay became a case study worked on by tree students. When working on  the assignment, discussions became very intense. The values of craftsmanship for a craftsman  are not always that easy to put in words. Now they had to be clarified and sometimes even defended. The other two students in the group realized that it is not called “working” as a craftsman , but “being” a craftsman. Therefore, when discussing the company Cassius Clay, it became clear that they were actually discussing both Anne Mette and Ann-Charlotte’s life. This included discussions on values  that are embedded in the choices and methodologies of wood firing.Baltic Wood Fired was held for the first time in 2008at Gallery 2’rn in Åkirkeby, Bornholm. This exhibition focused on the story of how wood firing is not  just any way to fire your ceramics. Rather it is the firing technique that is preferred to voice an artistic expression. In 2009 we held the Baltic Wood Fired event again. This time, it was focused on the involvement of a number of recognized and talent woodfire-ceramists. The public was invited to attend open workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions featuring works brought along and made in the workshops at Cassius clay, futher exposing the public to the artists and their process.